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Advanced Materials Enterprises Company (AME) - the Nanotech Heat Experts

We are a world leader in Nanotech Heating technology company, creating products and solutions that make use of the highly efficient conversion of electricy to heat energy in slim layers and materials, in order to rapidly provide heat for applications ranging from coffee cups to living rooms and larger spaces.

Our patented NanoHeat® heating technology was developed through applying ultrafine special coatings to glass, which can be swiftly heated to 350°C and above; and we have since developed two other forms of Nanotech Heating – utlising flexible carbon films, and fabrics embedded with nanoparticles. To date, our NanoHeat® technology has delivered over 70 technology and design patents, with further patents pending.

Our Nanotech Heat technologies offer boundless possibilities for creating products for existing and new applications. Already, they have been employed in the world's first transparent glass smart cookware by Casa Bugatti, and the world's first transparent glass toaster by Morphy Richards.

Now, we are introducing a new generation of Nanotech Heat applications, which have been invented by our in-house R&D team. These include:

AME's leading role in Nanotech Heating has been recognised by numberous awards, including the top Green Innovations Awards (2012); the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (2011); Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Award (2009) and Certificate of Merit (2008); and being finalist against 295 companies across Asia in the 2010 Asian Innovation Awards competition organized by the Wall Street Journal Asia.


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